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Take Aim and Fire At the Right Target Backers

As a member of law enforcement or the military, you have to maintain your shooting skills. Metalmasters® Target Systems of Charlotte, Michigan, helps you refine your skills with target backers and stands. We have 20 years of experience, so you always receive quality products for your target and tactical training. Use our backer with all of our training systems.

Tac-Backer Polyfoam Target Backers

Tac-Backer® Tactical Polyfoam Target Backers

At the heart of every Metalmasters product is the Tac-Backer®, a shoot-through target backer that saves valuable time and money in all firearms training applications. The 3.5" thick semi-self-sealing material withstands thousands of rounds and remains functional for less downtime on the range and lower operating costs. Toss your staple gun and cardboard and use the Tac-Backer®!

• Lightweight 6 Lbs. for 24" X 48" X 3.5"
• Waterproof and Windproof
• Custom-Size Cuts Available
• Available in Black or White

PRICING: Tac-Backer® Tactical Polyfoam Target Backer (standard) - $53.55

• Pre-drilled for Bottom, Top, or Side Mount
• No Wood, Staples, or Cardboard
• Human Silhouette or Rectangular Shapes

Our satisfied customers speak for us:

"We used to replace wood backers weekly, with Metalmasters we do it yearly."

— John T. Meyer Jr., Vice President of International Training, Heckler and Koch

"Metalmasters...backers cut my operating expenses by nearly 65%...A huge savings for the American Taxpayers."

— Steven P. Mallonee, Naval Security Department, Kings Bay, GA

Tac-Stand® Portable Target Stand

Save time, space, and money with our portable target stand. It's ideal for you because of the following features: 

• Adaptable - Fits Any Tac-Backer Target Backer
Time Saving - Set Up and Change Positions In Seconds
Solid - Stands Up In Most outdoor Conditions Without Sandbags
Portable - Use for Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Scenarios
Rigid Backers - Replaceable Backers In All Popular Sizes

PRICING: Tac-Stand® Portable Target Stand - $166.95

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Tac-Stand Portable Target Stand